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New year, new books

January is always fun, with holiday makers wandering through the store, as well as locals grabbing holiday reads and books to keep kids entertained.

We had out first event for the year, with local author Rhian Williams holding a story time with her new book Surprise at the End of Onkaparinga Lane. It is a wonderful 'first day of school' story with gorgeous illustrations.

I have 3 author events in February and March at Goulburn Library. Wendy Harmer, Jack Heath and Karen Viggers. I have 2 signed copies of Wendy Harmer's biography in the shop.

Karen Viggers also appeared in the shop on the weekend talking to Robyn Cadwallader about her new book Sidelines.

Sidelines is a story of parental expectation, told through the lens of sport, it applies just as much to the pressure placed on kids to excel in music, maths and other fields. The book is entertaining and hard to put down, with an important message for parents, coaches and society.



The Independent Bookseller shortlist of the best books from 2023 is out. Winners are anounced at the end of March.

Which one would you pick?

  • Lola in the Mirror

  • The Seven

  • Edenglassie

  • The Bookbinder of Jericho

The Stella longlist is out next week.


New releases

The Women - Kristin Hanna

The Mystery Writer - Sulari Gentill (a local and favourite)


Competition is running a promotion on the 100 must-read Australian books. Along with this you can enter a competition to win the 100 books.

For your chance to win, purchase a book from the list from us and answer the following question:

In 25 words or less, what is your favourite Australian novel and why?

Competition closes 31 March 2024.

So many great Aussie books.


Other news

Our hours have been reduced over February and March. These are our quiet months, so we are just open Thu - Sat. From the Easter weekend we'll open more days and will see how we go.

All 2024 calendars and diaries, along with Bespoke Letterpress writing pads and envelopes are all 30% off.

We can't wait for Alan Harding's exhibition at Tyger Gallery. You may have seen his paintings hanging in the shop.

Karen Visser's art is currently hanging in it's place after her recent exhibition at Tyger.

Enjoy the last few days of this very odd summer and the remaining daylight saving hours. I will be making the most of them!!




“Without independent bookstores, there is effectively little market for Australian literature and no future for Australian writers,” Richard Flanagan to Raymond Bonner in The Age/SMH 10th Feb 2024 - If you love discount books, you don’t love their authors.


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Hi Jo

That's great!

Did you know that Marion Halligan died recently. She was a year older than mum and me. Perhaps it might be a good idea to get some of her books in store. Sometimes when a writer dies there is a demand for their books. Just a suggestion.


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