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Winter Solstice

As we get through these very cold days, I hope you are staying well and keeping warm. I am off to Sydney this weekend for the Australian Booksellers Association conference. I am very excited, not only to meet other booksellers and hear from amazing authors, but to spend 2 nights alone in a warm hotel.

I have just renewed my business registration, marking a year since my book shop dream became a reality. I have had about 8 months of proper trading and love the stories (read and shared), the shop and our great customers.

There are some great books coming out soon, Geraldine Brook's latest - Horse should be in store soon and I have just heard that Grace Tame is releasing a book later this year. I am looking forward to Sulari Gentill's new book The Woman in the Library (great cover) and so excited to hear from her and other talented local authors, here in Yass in a few weeks.

Happy winter solstice as we look forward to longer days and spring :-)


Events - save the date

I am planning a sale (20% of all books) from 21 - 26 June to clear some stock, ready for an EOFY stocktake and to make room for new books.

July 2 - Meet the authors

July 23 - Jane Baker book launch

Get in touch if you would like information on any of these events and keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more information.

New to the shop

The latest Bush Journal is available, with rural stories and wonderful photos.

Volume 03 is all about home: the place, the people, the feeling. We meet those who are lucky enough to be born somewhere they never want to leave, and those who yearn for a place they don't live. We explore feeling at home above the clouds, walking through the bush and in the arms of loved ones - and we learn about why home shouldn’t hold you back.

So many new releases including Lucinda Reilly's latest book The Murders at Fleat House and a debut novel by Australian Hayley Scrivenor called Dirt Town.

Best sellers in April

The Murder Rule by Dervla McTiernan

The Winter Dress by Lauren Chater

The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri

The Kindness of Birds by Merlinda Bobis

Dancing with Dandelions by Kelly Cameron

The Beekeeper of Aleppo is our book club read for June, which may explain it's popularity, but it is a consistent seller :-) We discussed The Good Wife of Bath by Karen Brooks in May, with everyone enjoying it and discussion about how much has changed since the time of Chaucer and how much is still the same...


On top of our book club titles, I have recently read The Museum of Broken Things by Lauren Draper, a book aimed at teen/young adult readers and The Most Important Job in the World by journalist, Gina Rushton. I enjoyed both of them for a change of style and pace.

The Most Important Job in the World is a powerful, compelling and forensic analysis of the role of motherhood in society today, and the competing forces that draw us towards and away from it.

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