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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

About 2 months ago, I decided to follow my dreams and open a book store. Maybe not the ideal time with Covid still impacting our lives and ability to travel, but it is the right time for me.

This year I had the opportunity to attend a couple of printmaking workshops, a beginners course on bookbinding and an amazing 'Begin Again' session. These all helped me realise where and how I find joy in my life. I want to learn new things, have space and the time to be creative and live and work in my community.

So I made the decision, started planning and am now waiting for a shop to rent in the main street of Yass. I have been thinking out-of-the-box, looking at alternative spaces for a pop-up-shop and recently held one at Minnie's.

While I wait for the perfect shop, I have set up a website, Instagram and Facebook accounts, registered the business and opened a bank account. I started ordering stationery, books and magazines for the shop and setting up accounts with publishers and distributors. So many books to choose from!

Feedback about the shop on the socials and face to face has been AMAZING, it seems you are as excited as I am - is that even possible?

I have lived in Yass for almost 12 years and met my partner here. I own Minnie's, and have rented it out as short stay accommodation for about 5 years. I love Yass and this region and have watched it change and grow in the time I have been here. I love to read, am a stationery and letter writing addict and can't wait to share my passions with others.

While I wait, patiently, for a shop to come up, I'll keep you posted on progress here and on the socials. Let me know if you have any questions or requests for the shop and I'll answer them in my next post.

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So exciting! Congratulations on this new venture. I can't wait to visit lovely Yass and to shop at The Yass Book Store!

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