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Bookbinder of Jericho release

The new book by Pip Williams, author of the bestseller The Dictionary of Lost Words was our most popular book in March. It is so exciting when a book is this anticipated. Unfortunately I sold out quite quickly and am waiting for new stock to arrive.

In other shop news, students from AIE did some filming in the shop last week. It was so interesting to watch and be part of, I can't wait to see the short film called 'Stacked'. They loved the old Liberty Theatre so we may see more of their work featuring the theatre at some point.


Sally Warriner @ The Allambie Club

21st April

Sally Warriner is the author of Not Just the Wife of the General Manager, a celebration of a woman’s life on an outback station.

Helen Topor will talk about her book about Discovering Vermeer.

22nd April

In New York the last thing Helen expects is to fall in love with Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. At the Frick Collection the painter of enigmatic women and luminous light touches her bruised soul profoundly. How can she explain a transcendent experience she herself doesn’t understand? Sensing Helen’s craving to know more about Vermeer’s life and works, Peter suggests they see all 35 paintings. She longs for adventure and renewal, but the quest is filled with tensions and obstacles. Their journeys of discovery reveal not only Vermeer’s genius but also Peter’s deepest need; and Helen makes sense of the “New York madness". Both become open to the healing role of art in life.

The Prize author at Goulburn Library

28th April

I will be selling copies of The Prize at Goulburn Library's author event. This book by Kim E Anderson sounds so interesting, I can't wait.

RSVP to attend or let me know if you would like a signed copy set aside for you.


March best sellers

The Bookbinder of Jericho by Pip Williams

Animalphabet by Julia Donaldson and award-winning illustrator Sharon King-Chai

Limberlost by Robbie Arnott


April new releases

Go As a River by Shelley Read - promoted as one for those who enjoyed Crawdads

The Prize by Kim E Anderson - Goulburn Library is hosting this author at the end of April

Growing Grapes Might be Fun - Deirdre Macken - I googled Cockatoo Hill only to find this book is about a local vineyard. Look out for an event in Yass with this author soon!

Did I Ever tell You This? A memoir from actor Sam Neill

A new Weirdo from Anh Do and a new Warriors series

and many more, including some beautiful picture books.


Recommended reads

I recently read a review copy of local Robyn Cadwallader's new book and loved it. Fire and Rose is due out in early May and follows on from her last book The Anchoress. We are hoping to hold an event with Robyn so watch out for that one too.

Our book club read and discussed Cloudstreet by Tim Winton in February and I can see why it has become a classic. I am enjoying Maggie O'Farrell's Marriage Portrait, our April book club read and looking forward to Patrick White's Voss next - another classic.

Local writers Kelly Cameron and Lauren Searson-Patrick both have second books either just out or due out very soon. Very different books, Kelly has written a romance series set in the Yass Valley and Lauren's Amber Wolf is a fantasy novel with a second book out soon.


Thank you again to those of you who buy from and/or order books though us. It is getting harder to compete with retailers like BigW and online stores like Amazon. They buy in such high numbers which means they can sell at a low price, undercutting smaller, independent bookstores.

Amazon have just closed down Book Depository, which they bought years ago. If they continue to do this and price small stores out of the market they will have a monopoly on books. This may not seem like a bad thing if you currently buy from them online but a monopoly may mean higher book prices and postage costs in the future.

Stay warm!



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