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OK, let's go 2022!

The past few months have been exciting and challenging for me. Moving from a safe, well paid desk job to become a business owner was a big decision. I am certainly not missing the inactivity of sitting at a desk and in a car for hours each day.

I have had so much support and encouragement from our little community and from bookland people (authors, other booksellers, publishers etc). What a joy to meet people who share my love of reading and books. The great thing about a local bookshop is having a space to browse, chat and meet like minded people. I don't think the online shopping experience competes.

I have met some lovely people over the past few months, a bit about what and why they read and even what they have been through recently. 2021 was a difficult year for so many.

Author signings and visits

Several authors visited the shop late last year and I loved meeting them all.

A banner with Hugh Watson on the verandah of The Yass Book Store
Hugh Watson - author

Michael Burge - Tank Water

Rhian Williams - Ten Little Figs

Barbie Robinson - Grandma's Knicker Tree

Dorothy Topfer - Past Presence

Hugh Watson - The Silo

There are plans for book launches, workshops, book readings and other events as soon as I can be sure we won't make the Covid situation worse :-)

Local artists and makers

So many wonderful, talented artists and makers have rented space in the shop to sell their art, jewellery, ceramics and other work. It is lovely to be surrounded by beautiful things in this space and people have enjoyed being able to buy their Christmas gifts locally.

Last Wednesday Book Club

A group of avid readers met in the shop in December and decided to start a book club. Our first meeting will be on the 26th January in the shop and we are reading Still Life by Sarah Winman.

There may be a second book group on the 3rd Wed of the month, the first meeting being planned for the 19th January at the shop.

Thanks for your support in 2021 and I hope you have all had a safe and relaxing start to the new year.

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Nathan Luff
Nathan Luff
Feb 21, 2022

So happy and excited to see a bookshop again in Yass!! I grew up in the town and was a total bookworm—I would have killed for a local bookshop. I still have family there and will definitely visit.

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