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The Yass Book Store is online

I am so happy to be able to launch the online shop today to mark the first of September and the start of a very welcome spring! We are offering click and collect for local orders and postage for those a bit further away.

I am setting the book store up at the moment and we will be open as soon as we are able to in line with Covid restrictions.

Today is Indigenous Literacy Day. It has been wonderful to see the range of books by Indigenous authors and illustrators, as I have been selecting books for the store. So many amazing books I wish I had access to growing up.

Also today, we received copies of the new book by local journalist and author Gabrielle Chan - Why you should give a f#$k about farming. I have been looking forward to this one as have many of you.

As Father's Day nears and many of us are unable to gather and visit our families due to this ongoing lock-down, I hope you all doing OK.

You can stay in touch by signing up as a Book Store member on the shop page. You will receive shop updates and all of your book news (promise we won't flood your email).

Jo xxx

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