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Zines and a bit of mystery

The Southern Tablelands Arts (STA) Zine Workshop we hosted was fantastic! The kids created the most amazing zines with fabulous stories and pictures. They got to play with a typewriter to add words and a bit of fun!

We also held a launch for the book Little Species, Big Mystery which was so interesting. Lots of questions for the author, Debbie Argue and good chats. What a fascinating story!!

There seems to be another mystery in town. Who is our special agent and what does he do?

October is Dyslexia awareness month and Kathryn from Alphability has organised a 'creative response' competition and other events to help raise awareness.

2023 calendars and diaries have started arriving in the shop, along with Christmas cards and wrap. Christmas post cut off dates are early this year, so if you are posting overseas you might want to think about gifts and cards soon.

We have a lot of events planned over the next few months so keep an eye on our socials and website for more information.


What's on

October 22nd Launch for the latest Yass Writers anthology.

October 25th Author talk at Gunning Library - Sam Vincent on My Father and Other Animals. Sam is a local farmer and will be talking about his book and signing copies.

October 26th Book Club. We'll be discussing The Murder Rule by Dervla McTiernan.

November 6th Queer Book Club.

November 12th Writing a memoir. Author event with Canberra writers.

Di Lucas - Coolamon Girl

Biff Ward - The Third Chopstick - Tracks through the Vietnam War

Jenni Savigny - a family memoir

Ned Manning - Painting the Light

November 20th The Quoll Connection - A book event with Nigel Featherstone and Harry Saddler.


Book Review

My Dyslexia by Philip Schultz

From the ‘Dummy Class’ to a Pulitzer Prize winning poet, ‘My Dyslexia’ follows the journey of

writer, Philip Schultz, as he shares his story growing up and living with Dyslexia.

Unfortunately, Dyslexia was not something he knew about during his schooling years. He

was fifty-eight years old when his son in Year 2 was diagnosed with Dyslexia and he realised

that his son’s symptoms matched his. Schultz had spent the majority of his life feeling

‘dumb’, a failure, and struggling with the mismatch of how a boy who did not learn to read

until Year 5 could become a writer.

In 2009, presenting the commencement address at a high school for the ‘learning disabled’

in Manhattan, the idea for this book was born. Realising that his struggle was now his gift to

encourage others, he embarked on telling his story, from the early school days in the 1950s,

to finding his place in the world from the 1970s, where he founded ‘The Writers Studio’, a

private school for fiction and poetry based writing in New York City. After he finished his

address to these students, who themselves had overcome their difficulties to read and

write, and stood in their appreciation, admiration, and acceptance, he had a revelation.

After all of these years, “Perhaps I was someone whom others could admire, someone more

than a permanent member of the Dummy Class?” (p. 23, 2011)

Review by Kathryn Olsen

8/10/2022 (International Dyslexia Awareness Day)


September best sellers

The Liars - Petronella McGovern. Gunning Library had an event with Petronella and I sold copies of her book.

Exiles - Jane Harper. The third and final in the Aaron Falks detective series.

Little Species, Big Mystery - Debbie Argue. We held a launch for this new book in the shop in September.

Wilam: A Birrarung Story - Elder Aunty Joy Murphy and Yarra Riverkeeper Andrew Kelly.

August in Kabul - Andrew Quilty.


Christmas is creeping up and I am quite excited about decorating the shop this year. Helen, Cecelia and I are enjoying keeling the books organised and looking good as new stock arrives. As always, Meridyn is always bringing in gorgeous collectables to entice us all.

There have been so many great releases over the past few months it has been hard to keep up!! My recent favourite is Salt and Skin by Eliza Henry-Jones.

Don't forget to enter the Creative Response Competition!

I hope you are well and enjoying spring and the longer days.



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